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Album cover - added to a track- how to delete?

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Hi, I'm very new to mixpad so apologies if this is in the online help but I couldn't find it... mainly because I didn't know what to look for!

I've created a guided mediation which is a mix of my voice and licensed royalty free music. When I play it through the standard audio player on my PC (Groove) it appears with an album cover belonging to another album! I've no idea how it acquired this. Or how to get rid of it, or ideally, add my own. Can someone point me in the right direction... even knowing what to search for in the help would be a great start :) 

Thanks, Dawn

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Hi Dawn

It is quite likely that Groove is detecting the music you have used and downloading what it thinks is the correct art work from an online database.

On the Editing tab of MixPad you will see an "ID Tag" button. Use this to edit the meta data included with your project. You can add your own artwork here. Then re-export your project.



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