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Express Scribe MP4 File's audio Transcription Problem


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I just installed a free trial version of Express Scribe and made a transcription test using a MP4 Video file(*) and the resulting

text was not the expected;  it had no relation at all with the audio source.  I am sure I did some thing wrong, but I do not know why.

As I did not have any test file, I created the video mp4 file by recording part of a Youtube video  on my smartphone and then copying it to my PC. 

Regards, Domenico Loseto.



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Hello, Express Scribe uses your computer's speech recognition engine to convert the audio to text. Now, this Speech recognition engine requires "training" to learn how to understand the intonation an accent of the person speaking to achieve better results. The more you use the program and do the corrections needed,  your computer's speech engine will make the adjustments to transcribe more accurate text.

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