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Cannot record streaming URL

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Hello,  SoundTap does not have the option to record directly from the URL, it will open the stream with your internet browser. 

Regarding the length of the recordings, that will depend on the available free space to store the recordings.  Also, if your computer losses the audio signal the program will stop after a few seconds. 

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Thank you!

I'm using the product to log a ONE-TIME 12-hour radio stream/broadcast. 

Have mountains of disc space so we'll see if it supports GB file sizes.

And the software did dump the stream during a longish pause at the two hour mark. I happened to be monitoring and got it restarted without loss of program but that it's a REALLY STUPID default action! 😡

Offering this product as a logging solution which STOPS LOGGING during interruptions (which is a fundamental purpose loggers) is absurd! 👎

I read the previous circular discussion which had people looking for a non-existen toggle setting to defeat that default. It doesn't reflect well on NCH to both leave that dog-chasing-tail conversation online as well as completely IGNORE the flaw.

Pull up your socks people ‼️

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