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Add background music to clip

Kenneth Henderson

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  • 2 weeks later...

Several ways to overcome that...

Drag it to where you want it.  Or, while the clip is still in the bin, position the sequence timeline cursor where the music is to begin.

Then right-click the music clip and OVERLAY ON SEQUENCE AT CURSOR.

If this disturbs the video track, lock that track before adding audio 2.  Right-click at the left of the track and LOCK TRACK.

If you make mistakes, simple press <ctrl-Z> to go back - step-by-step.

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Borate - Thanks very much for the expeditious reply. I've tried dragging the clip to the far left where the RED INDEX cue is at 00:00:00. Found the music several minutes later  on the track.

I tried assuring that the RED cursor was at 00:00:00 and sliding the music there - nada!

I have a brief (00:00:12) title card roll up from the bottom that is the beginning of the video clip and the music should be starting at the same place and at the same time. But I still must be screwing it up because the music disappears from the audio track 2 line.

I'll try the overlay suggestion you've provided.

It's a good think I'm already bald, because I'd be pulling my hair out!!

Thanks again,


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