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Cooper Sync app

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Hi all
How are you?
I hope you are fine..
I have one question If you plz
I have cooper software version 3.06 
I installed it on 2 computers .. I want to make server and client
I success to make server setting and syn app for network as and message appear in green color say "you network configuration work properly 
and I allow cooper to act as server with code
-on client computer I configured it on sync app screen  
When I press on update message show that It is success 
When I press on retrieve location error message appeared says "the server location has no defined or does not support location"
whats problem?? what mean with Location ?? 
Help me plz
thank you very much 
best regards ..
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In this case, would depend if you are using a local network or the internet, are you connecting using the same network or are you trying to connect from a different location? Make sure that your information matches on both computers, check the Advanced routing options. Just let you know, the main computer needs to be on all the time.

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