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I start use the express invoice plus V7.25 from 2 weeks , the invoice is generating well and showing the item description text in Arabic language perfectly , the problem occur  when we  ( exporting the generating invoice to PDF format  , the Arabic text changed to complex unknown text . attached sample from the 2 invoices one is correct & the other is not

could you please help solving this problem   

    The 2nd problem I have faced was the backup invoices , I found the saved invoices on the format : *.dat which is does not open.   

  The 3rd problem is , i can not save the invoices on excel format .

could you please help me in solving such things.


Ahmad Odeh

note : i can not attached the sample invoices .

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Hello odehfreelancer,  Thank you for the information you have shared with us.  Sadly, at this moment the special characters like Arabic language are not supported in the PDF print. 

Regarding the invoices, that .dat format is what the program will read, but you can only restore the invoices when you restore from a backup folder. 

The program does not offer the option to save the invoices in excel format. you can only export it in PDF format. 

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