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when I use premiere pro I can make a cut on the video timeline to insert a video clip and then sliding or "moving" the right side of the cut over to the right to make room for the new clip. When I try that on VP, the timeline portion that I move over to the right comes right back when I let go of it.


there should be a way to move stuff to the right to make room for a new clip to insert. ????

I have VideoPad PRO, and the HOME edition too (on separate pc's of course)



tom karr


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Place the red-lined cursor at the cut point,  right-click the clip in the bin and PLACE ON SEQUENCE AT CURSOR.  The clip will insert at that point, moving later clips to the right.

If instead you prefer to drag the later clip, leaving a gap for the new one, first select (highlight) all the trailing clips, then hold down <alt> while dragging. They will all move right, leaving a gap.

Yet another method is to drag the clip from the bin to the cut point.  Watch for arrows on the sequence track.  When they line up with the cut point, let go of the mouse button.

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