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Wavepad versus Mixpad

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Can't you edit in Mixpad? I don't really understand the difference between Wavepad and Mixpad. If I want to record myself, and then invite friends to add tracks for me to mix together, can I not just use Mixpad? Or am I better to record in Wavepad and then mix in Mixpad?

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You can edit the track and add effects in MixPad. What you cannot do is edit the wave form such as Normalize without a wave form editor. Although I have other editors (Ozone, Twisted Wave, RX, DP etc.), those require me to edit the file, then load the results in MixPad. I Normalize most files before I go to work and having the ability to do it from within makes WP well worth the dough for the do-re-mi.

What WavePad brings to the table is the ability to do this within MixPad. The interface is clunky (at least on the Mac) and not intuitive but I figured it out quickly enough. I notice there are other effects not found in MixPad though I've not explored them.

WavePad also functions as a stand-alone converter and can do batch processing (most of the shareware can't). I've been using TwistedWave (Mac only) for years and am not likely to switch (the devil I know) but WavePad costs less than half and is cross-platform.

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today I've used the free trial versions of mixpad and wavepad. I prefered mixpad simply because when I uploaded my 6 mono  music tracks to edit eq etc, wavepad would only play back the tracks individually!! very frustrating, Where as when I loaded them to mixpad, each track was there all in one window and would play simultaneously. Mixpad seemed so much easier to use. Unless with wavepad for multitrack mixing you are supposed to use in conjuction with mixpad, but yes as has been said already, what is the point of both? 

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On 5/13/2019 at 4:37 PM, N_C_H_josh said:

If you want to edit your audio files, then you'd need WavePad. When you right click a track, one of the options shown is "Edit Clip with WavePad"

but how in wavepad do you enable all the tracks you have loaded and edited to then play back together to hear your ''mix'' as you can easily  in Mixpad? 

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