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Still image length

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I'm trying to make a "slide" show on VideoPad from past theatre productions we've done.
Before adding an image file I can set it to a particular view-length in Options/Media/Default still image duration.
I want to zoom in, etc on images.  When I've done that how can I change the view-time of the image?
I can see chaning the speed and and changing duration on the clip in the bin, but exporting it does not retain that time.
It stays doggedly at the time it was originally set at.
I'm new to VideoPad.  Any thoughts please.

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having added your images to the timeline they will all have , at the outset a duration equal to the value set in the Option/Media/Default still image duration.

If you want to alter individual image durations then simply grab the right hand edge of the image clip on the timeline and drag it to the right. This will length the image clip and it will play for longer. (Zooms and other effects are automatically adjusted accordingly)

As an alternative you can right click on the image in question on the timeline and then select  Change Duration from the menu option shown

You can also switch into Storyboard mode, right click on and  and change the value shown under each clip.


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