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Using VP on multiple computers with one license?


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An 'upgrade' likely isn't necessary, but buying another license may be.  A Videopad FAQ states...

"What restrictions apply to the license?

If the license is named as an "Installation License" the main restriction is you need to purchase one license serial number for each computer that the program runs on.

Can I move the software or reinstall the software in future?

Within reason - yes. As long as the software does not continue to run on the old computer you can install the software on a new computer.

As a piracy control measure we do limit the number of installations to 2 times in any 12 month period.

Note: we do run an anti-piracy system which can detect multiple installs. But as long as the software (with one serial number) runs on one PC at any one time, you will not have problems."

If this doesn't answer your question, go here https://www.nch.com.au/support/regcontact.html

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Hello, TBH this is why i don't want to buy anything here. Your products are good (especially WavePad and MixPad), but for me it is crazy to purchase for many licences to be able to install on many computers when i use only one at a time. I can change my mind if you change the terms :(

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