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Importing Quicken files


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There are a lot of people that would like to switch to Moneyline. Unfortunately the quicken files do not translate into a format that Moneyline can use.

Is there a way to get the quicken files into Moneyline? I have tries a lot of third party converters, with no luck.

I doubt an answer will be posted as the above question has not been answered since March. You will be loosing a fair chunk of business if there is no solution.

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Moneyline says is will import files from Quicken but the tutorial only shows QFX imports as does the free download. I'm trying to get a feal for how this s/w will work before purchasing. As of yet, I can only figure out how to export Quicken to QXF and QDF format, not the QFX the Moneyline says it can import.

Any suggestions?

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