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I'm not sure whether I found a bug or I'm doing something wrong, but there's a problem inserting clips (Videopad Windows version 8.23 beta and previous versions):

1. Load 3 MP4 clips (or more, doesn't matter) into the video clip bin
2. After that, select 2 clips in the video bin and drag them into the timeline
3. Now drag clip 3 into the timeline, between clip 1 and clip 2, but don't drop it yet
4. While pressing the left mouse button, some kind of "grey shadow" appears over clip 2. Note that the shadow changes its size, if you move the mouse arrow to the right and to the left. Right side means "insert clip 3 before clip 2" and in right positon it means "overwrite clip 2 with clip 3". Drop clip 3 now (no matter where).

The shadow thing is a good idea and works very well up to this point.

Now let's try exactly the same thing, if clip 3 is already on the timeline (as video track #2):

1. Load 3 MP4 clips (or more, doesn't matter) into the video clip bin
2. After that, select 2 clips in the video bin and drag them into the timeline (video track #1)
3. Now drag and drop clip 3 into the timeline as video track #2 (position doesn't matter).
4. Drag clip 3 again and try to drop it exactly between clip 1 and clip 2 in video track #1. Note that the "shadow" doesn't appear this time! Whatever you do, dropping clip 3 always means "overwrite clip 2 with clip 3". I also tried pressing keys SHIFT/ALT/CONTROL or a combination of them, but none of them works as "insert".

Is there something wrong with videopad - or is it my mistake?





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This is not a bug. 

NCH say it's a behaviour difference  between versions and is there for testing feedback)  in the version you have a clip dropped manually onto the timeline overwrites the existing clip. IMHO ALL clips dropped to the timeline should insert themselves and there should be no overwriting.

To explain. When you install VP from the setup.exe file, you actually install a "version" of the program. It could be the A version; the B version etc.(It seems to be pot luck which installs.)  Each version is complete but some features behave differently.  In your version you have installed a version where dragging/ dropping clips directly on the timeline cause an overwrite and not an insert. The idea behind A/B testing is for users to give feedback on options they don't think are working in the expected way (like you have done here)  The vertical or horizontal split popup that appears next to the red cursor line is an example, or the "hamburger" File button another.

Try this......

Without anything - no uninstall or anything- simply double click the setup.exe file again. This action will overwrite your "version" of VP with another. You may have to do this several times if the "version" that comes up displays the same behaviour.

As an example.

My original install of VP 8.20  did not insert clips, it annoying overwrote existing clips, but re-running the setup file a second time produced a "version" of 8.20 that did insert correctly.

The A/B idea can cause some confusion as support users can find their versions different to each other. Borate's version inserted clips OK, whilst mine didn't, so interpreting a users problem was awkward.




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I agree to you - insert mode should always be on. And I also agree to you, that it has something to do with the version you install. However, I found a solution, no matter which version you have installed. It's our "old friend" in the registry called "SVAR". The term "VIDEOPADRippleMoveon" turns on insert mode - if it is "VIDEOPADRippleMoveoff", overwrite is on.

SVAR can be found here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NCH Software\VideoPad\Software\SVAR


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