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Missing beginning video clip after exporting


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Hello! I just downloaded VideoPad today and the beginning ~35 seconds of my video show a black screen (missing the first clip.) The audio throughout is fine, and the video clips show up after that gap (it so happens that they start with the onset of the second audio clip.) I looked at other topics in this forum and tried exporting as an MP4/MPG, as well as making sure boxes like lossless video weren't checked. It's a simple project--I just narrated chunks of screen recording, though I imported audio files instead of narrating in VideoPad. I was on the trial version to see if I'd want to upgrade to professional, and in trying to fix this issue, I've already been blocked from exporting.

Here is the link to the project on GDrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12U85479HslVrvnj41iVMoslca2lYSIbo/view?usp=sharing

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it so much.

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Thanks for sharing.  Expand the sequence by moving the slider at the bottom-right of the window to its far-right position.  Right-click in the blank area just ahead of the first slide.

The sequence will be at the start and you should see this...


Click CLOSE GAP IN TRACK which will eliminate the space that's ahead of that slide.

Also, because audio volume is low, suggest selecting (highlighting) all audio clips.  (Select the first, hold down <shift> and select the last.)

Now click the FX button on any one of those clips.  When the effects box appears, click the large green + sign in the toolbar.

Choose the NORMALIZE effect.  Finally, click the fourth icon from the left on the toolbar.  The pop up will read "replace effect chain in other selected clips."

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Hi, thank you so much for responding! From my end, there's no gap to close in the beginning (there should be a clip.) Here's a screenshot of what I'm seeing: https://ibb.co/3mHJ09V

Sorry if I'm misunderstanding your advice. Otherwise, do you happen to know what could be causing me to lose this file when exporting or when saving as a portable project?


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You could also try this..

  • Click the RPReplay clip in the clip bin
  • In the Clip Preview window set the Start value and the End value as shown  (1.34.265 and 5.30.186)  This trims the clip in the bin to the values of the faulty timeline clip.


  • Click the I< button under the Sequence Preview window to set the red cursor line to the start of the timeline
  • Click the RPReplay clip in the clip bin and select  Overlay on Sequence at Cursor.
  • Play the timeline. The re-timed clip will play over the faulty one and seems OK here.

Does that solve the problem?




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