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Issues when installing 7.51 version

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I purchased a VideoPad 5 3 years ago. Earlier Today I updated it. My licence just gone, the software didn't advice me I'd loose it if updated.

Anyway, I looked for the 7.x versión, as according a dialog message, my licence is valid until 7.x.

I download it from http://www.oldversiondownload.com/ and tried to install it.

When I clicked on the installer "videopad-7-51-2019-12-01.exe', it runs and shows a, installer window with this in the header: "Installing VideoPad v 8.15"... where my licence has nothing to do.

Please, could you be so kind to help me on getting VideoPad 7.51 when I can use my licence?


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Given this was posted back in March I imagine you have resolved the issue by now, but if not, the license you have will not work for version 7.51, however if you download version 5 or whatever version number it refers to in the email your license code is in, it should work.

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