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Videopad do not want to play my video


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Hello everyone

I apologize  for my bad english.

I have a problem in videopad , when I upload a video from ytb downloader and I load it in videopad , the image sequence starts working for less then 10 sec and the image stops at one point and the sound goes on (it's lik when we had the television and the signal was bad , we'll hear only the sound but the video stops)

Can you help me please , i bought this software programme 3 days ago and now it's stops it's very unpleasant.


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What version did you purchase?  Mac or Windows?

Let's see what you see. Upload the video.  It is easy to share, and can be done privately.

How to include a link to any file in your forum post:
Upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, etc. the video you downloaded from YouTube that won't play.

Share the file (make it public) and paste the shared link to it into your post here.

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I use the latest version of VP .

Ok i will show you my Problem on video.

I TRIED to clean unused cache files , i didn't work

I realised that this Problem occurs with some videos maybe the problem is in the video format or something else (but they 're all downloaded by the same software wich is YTB downloader) 

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