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Printing your General Ledger


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Two things I can't find are a trial balance or a facility to print my general ledger.  It may track purchases and sales well but I'm looking for a simple accounting program that I can send on to my tax preparer and a ledger is quite important.  Possibly there is a way to build one under custom reports but that seems like a lot of work for something that is so common place in accounting programs.  Any help really appreciated.

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The journal is the general Ladger and it can be printed and it also can be saved as PDF

In express accounts go to reporting and you should see an option for journal and you also can view your trial balance under reports and also print it.

I have just checked and I can print both from there

You will have to set the start date and end date of them both ie from January 2020 to current date will  will give all income and outgoings for this year so far

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