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I think I know what Zico is referring to. If you receive stock of an item and the quantity is 1,000 or greater, Inventoria software will not allow you to delete that record. Yet, it removes that quantity from your inventory, so your inventory values can go negative. Same thing with sales history. If you sell 1,000qty or more of an item, you can't delete the sales record. You can delete any record with a quantity of 999 or less. This is definitely a bug that should be fixed.

I have sent in a bug report to the developers and also created a support ticket for this. NCH Software has responded to me. They agree it is a bug and will investigate it further. I have little confidence they will follow through with this. 

I have found a solution to this problem, but it does involve altering data outside of the software. **CAUTION** Be careful, as you can easily delete and permanently lose data.

  1. If you have not done so already, attempt to delete the record in Inventoria. Again, this will not actually delete the record, but it will deduct the quantity from the item. Only do this once! If you do it more than once, it will continue to deduct that quantity from the item, making the quantity go negative. If you did it multiple times, you will need to take a physical count of that item, and then enter that quantity into the item detail window.
  2. Manually backup the files. Select: Tools\Backup Data, then click “Back up Now” button.
  3. In File Explorer, go to the folder location of the data and select the most recent backup folder you just created. The default location is: C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\Inventoria\Backup. If you do not see AppData, you need to select "Show hidden files" on your computer. Search Google if you do not know how to do this. 
  4. Open the folder you want to edit, such as “ReceiveHistory”.
  5. Select the file with the date of data you want to edit. It opens in Excel.
  6. Find the record in Excel you want to delete, and delete the entire row for that record.
  7. Save the Excel file. A message will display asking if you want to keep using the same format, select “YES”.
  8. In Inventoria, restore the data. Tools\Restore Data\Restore from backup. The default “Restore scheduled backup” option does not seem to work. Choose “Restore manual backup” then “Select backup file”. Go to the “Backup” folder, and select a folder date to restore from. Exit out of the software and then restart it. Note: You can’t select a specific folder, such as “ReceiveHistory”, to restore from. Inventoria will say this is not a valid folder to restore.
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