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How to export or save only wav from video pad

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Sorry folks, but I am tired of clicking all the menus to try to find how to get only the wav file out of Video Pad.  I did this once before but, I'll be darned if I can find it.  The tools need to be integrated.  I am going from PhotoStage to Wavepad to Videopad and each has it's own processes.  I should be able to easily go between products.  I saved from PhotoStage but lose all my timings of each slide in video pad.  In PhotoStage I can't seem to work on the wav file.  I went into VideoPad and set all my narration settings and now can't figure out how to get it out of Videopad.  The products are great as standalones but trying to go back and forth is tedious, at least for me.

Help Please - how do I get the wav file out of Videopad.  I've looked at export and see no options, I looked at Save and save as and don't see any options.  

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In the bin, right-click the file and SAVE AUDIO CLIP AS NEW FILE.  It should land in the Music folder on your PC.  But that can be changed in OPTIONS | DISK | CAPTURED AUDIO.

A clip on the timeline is easy to edit in WavePad.  Right-click the audio track and EDIT IN WAVEPAD.

Make the changes there, then click APPLY.  Close with the red X at the top right and SAVE.

The revised file will replace the clip on the timeline and the bin, but the original file in the PC folder will be unchanged.

Make a mistake?  Press <ctrl-Z> to step back, change-by-change.

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That's it but would be helpful if the app let you know.  Every time I did this it created a duplicate file so I didn't think it was saving anywhere else.  A prompt maybe to select a location would be a good enhancement.  Also, is there a search capability in the help files?  It would be nice.

Thanks so much for the quick response and help.

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