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HELP! video file corrupted? (RESOLVED)

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So I used the trial version of VideoPad and when I tried exporting my video, it was just pending and wouldn't start.

I closed VideoPad and then checked my "Videos" folder and the file was there, but the loading bar on the top would just load and load. So I tried deleting the file but it said there were 0 files to be deleted.

The original file size was about 7MB or something but this one is 3.75KB. When I open the file, it's empty and trying to rename the file crashes Windows Explorer completely. Now nothing happens when I try to delete it.

What is going on? I just want this file off my computer.

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Sounds like things are a bit mixed up.

Open VP and check the Menu/Tools/Options/Export and note where your files are being exported to. Close VP and then open the indicated folder. You should be able now to simply drag anything present in that folder to the dustbin and it should delete. You should also be able to delete the Videos folder. I can't see why there is a loading bar here unless something has got corrupted. If you still cant delete the file uninstall VP and try again.

I tend to set all the Options save folders (including the cache file) to the desktop where I can easily get at them but that's just me. It means that the VP generated "videos" folder is actually always empty.


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Doesn't work. Other files in the Videos folder work as I can interact with them normally but this one I just can't touch, dragging it to the recycle bin doesn't work and generally nothing happens when I interact with it. If I open Windows Explorer too many times, it doesn't show my PC's files, it's just stuck on "Working on it..." and my PC seems to be making more noise than usual. Should I just delete the Videos folder and see what happens?

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