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No audio at all


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Thanks Nat

 in the bin are two mov files which are playable videos on any other platform and the other is the audio file from opening one of the mov audio tracks in wave pad. I wanted to see if the mov file was corrupted when transferring it to vp 

And I sent the link to the folder that was created when I saved it as a portable file. That was all that was in there. 
This vp was downloaded this morning because I had to get a video out and used 7.2 to get it done but now 7.2 doesn’t always load the transitions.

 Thanks again


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Hi Wendy

As mentioned I only got one MOV file here, The vpj file seemed to expect another.(Borate seemed to miss two!) but this one came over into VP as just audio.   It loaded as a normal clip when dropped directly in VP or VLC so in itself it must be normal but the vpj file faulty.  MOV files have two tracks I believe and possibly the vpj file just sees the audio track,  a defect perhaps introduced when the file was created.

I expect the Devs will get around to looking at this post shortly and will pinpoint something.


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Despite the fact that you are the administrator, right-click on the installer and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

What model of AMD processor is being used?  These issues hint at an incompatibility as no Intel user has been able to replicate them.  Earlier lack of audio bugs have been fixed.

Bcd62, also posting to this thread with success as admin is running an Intel processor.

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Hi Borate and Wendy

Indeed odd. You lacked 2 files with the vpj you used. I only lacked 1 file with the one I used. My dropbox download was........


This is the vpj and the MOV that seem to have the problem.  The second MOV is missing. That's the reason I asked if the above was the result of a Save Portable Project As and not an upload of separate files.


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Took another stab at downloading https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s4v5bxj06c636du/AACpb8C6YPQhi_qovSK1OiN6a?dl=0

This time results mirrored Nat's - 3 files (including the VPJ), MOV 3984 missing.  The VPJ load resulted in two audio files, no video.

However, when MOV 3983 was loaded directly it played both video and audio.

If then the project file is re-saved, the new VPJ subsequently loads the MOV as A/V and works as it should.

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Thanks everyone for looking into this. I've just uninstalled using Revo, restarted and reinstalled "run as administrator" v8.35. I loaded the portable project from Borate and still only get audio files which don't play. If I right click on the files in the bin, I can run them in Windows media player, so they are intact playable videos but it seems that vp isn't recognising all the bits in order to play them as video with an audio track. 

And I was asked what processor I had. The system info shows:

Windows 8.1

AMD A4-5000 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics 1.50GHz


x64-based processor

The other thing I noticed is that the icon is missing from the vpj file in all my folders. It shows as a generic icon .

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Hints at your PC not installing all components.

Going back to an earlier statement about unlinking audio/video, then dragging an audio clip to the bin - it won't show up there.

When you've used REVO, have you deleted all VP registry entries as well, not simply letting it run the windows uninstaller?

Delete all files in these folders prior to reinstall as administrator...

"C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\Components"

"C:\Program Files (x86)\NCH Software\Components"

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A strange case.  Tough to troubleshoot if it cannot be replicated.  Your project was just now reloaded into version 8.42 and it played fine, as always.  Other than a rather lengthy caching and export time, possibly slowed by numerous MOV format files, there appears to be nothing odd.

Though this is mainly an audio issue that besets later VP versions on your PC, considering updating the video driver and Direct-X, if needed.

Update DirectX:    http://support.microsoft.com/kb/179113
AMD / ATI users:  http:/support.amd.com/us/gpudowload/Pages/index.aspx  

Here is that project.  Download it.  Unzip if necessary,  Open the resulting folder and run the VPJ to load it into Videopad.  Does it play?

Here is a very low-res export, just to confirm that all content was available.

A shame that you cannot test this on another machine, using 8.42.


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