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New invoice creation - Item and Description drop-down lists not populated


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Hi All,

First of all - Great software. Thank you very much!

Using Express Invoice version 7.25, free (for under 5 users).

The problem:

Suddenly, when creating a new invoice, the Item and Description drop-down lists are not populated with existing data anymore, although the item list exists.

Please see screenshot of new invoice with these columns: https://prnt.sc/r6g11g .

Here is the screenshot of the existing items list: https://prnt.sc/r6g1hy .

How can we solve it?



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Hello Tech Support,

Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes, the Item List and Description columns are not populated in every sort of document I try to create with the software.

I have now opened a support ticket as suggested.

Thank you,


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