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mp3 encoding options - stereo, joint, force, mono?


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I want to rip my CDs and save them in mp3-format but I have a question for the mp3 encoding options. What does it means?

- Stereo

- Joint

- Force

- Mono

What are the different?

Best regards.

Pardon for my bad English it is only a foreign language for me.

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Mono: Use this setting for mono sound files, or to generate mono MP3 files which come from a stereo source.


Stereo: Takes the left and right channels of the original audio track and encodes them separately; e.g.: a 128 kbps Stereo encoding is actually two 64 kbps encodings (one for the left channel, one for the right) sandwiched together.


Joint-stereo: Rather than encoding the channels separately, joint-stereo encoding tries to find the similarities and differences between the two channels. This method offers improved stereo sound quality.


Force stereo: Same as mono, except it makes sure the mono sound is going through both left and right channels.

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