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Can NCH Suite be removed?


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I've just updated my version of VideoPad from about a year ago to version 8.06, and with it noticed a new launcher called NHC Suite and also that audio is being opened by a trial version of WavePad.  Is it safe to remove these programmes without impacting my installation of VideoPad?


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Any other NCH program or suite launcher can be removed safely  if you feel they won't be of use to you. Just leave the VideoPad files.:)


Are you referring to the toolbar tab Suite..(at the right here) ..?


...which opens  the on demand NCH programs toolbar (and downloads them if not on your PC) ...


(There is an addition page with download links obtainable at the extreme right hand end of this toolbar).....If so the answer is NO, the options are built in. However if you are referring to the NCH Toolbox short cut icon that you may have on your desktop then that can be removed . (Can be useful though)

Not sure why your audio opens Wavepad but check the Options/Editing  screen. Not sure if you have  Wavepad installed or not but audio might use this as default player if you have the option filled and in bold. Don't really know but just a thought. If it is active for Wavepad then clear the box or uninstall Wavepad.




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Audio is being opened by a trial version of WavePad

You can designate the app that is used to open various files

Assuming Windows 10, click the Notification icon at the bottom-right of the window, then ALL SETTINGS

In the search box at the top type "default" then click on DEFAULT APPS

There you can specify the associated app for audio by various means via the links on that page

Shortcuts in your Start menu don't necessarily mean that the apps have been installed

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