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I used to work on your's soft Express Scribe few years ago and now I'm back - so hello :)


Question: how / if it is possible to change font size in "NOTES" window?

I'm working on 24 inch screen and my actual font size is very small...

I've tried everything but see no such option... :(

Unfortunatelly I like to see what I'm writting so font size does matter to me...


pls help


many thanks!

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Y'all really need to add an option to change the font size in the program windows and dialogs without requiring the system settings to be changed! I have the same situation; on a large monitor, the program fonts are microscopic. We're a long, long way from Windows XP and tiny monitor screens, and this issue still hasn't been addressed. What's up with THAT?!?

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I too have a problem with the font size. It's far too small for my aged eyes and adjusting the font size easily is certainly a problem that needs to be resolved. Adjusting the settings should not be necessary in this day and age.

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