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Filtering Files Not Changed

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I have been successfully using Classic FTP in a WIN 10 environment. No complaints on its functionality

However, I am regularly updating an entire website being a large database of 2,525 connected files of all types e.g. JPG, HTML, DOC and many others.  This is working ok in terms of reliability and result. 

However, it takes a long time (like 4 hours +).  I need to find a way of doing this faster. 

I am aware that there is a filter so that files with the same name do not get uploaded. However, that filter needs and extra dimension - I need a filter that will only upload files that are either (a) unchanged from the version with the same name already on the target destination directory or (b) a new file that is not present on the directory at all.  I hope that makes sense.   The reason for the former condition is that I am modifying the files but not changing their names - they are being updated - so Classic FTP needs to be able to detect if a file has been changed or not.  If the file is exactly the same as the one currently held, then the upload can be skipped.  Maybe this can be detected, I don't know.

How do I do that ?  Any help much appreciated.



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