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trying to match settings of video export in videopad

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I have some export settings (TV NTSC) in video pad i tested to export some videos to reduce the size, and it works great.  I want to match these settings in Prisim so i can do a batch convert.

I have tried to match the settings in "advance encoder settings" (mp4) in Videopad in Prisim, but the file doubles in size when output from prisim

Any thoughts?


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If try and match the settings exactly....  The export from videopad comes out as

640X480 1301kbps data rate 29.96 f/s   127kbps stereo 48kHz audio with a size of 307 MB

From Prism it comes out

480X480 1932kbps data rate 29.96 f/s 131kbps stereo 44.1kHz audio with a size of 441 MB

I want the settings from Videopad to use in Prism.

All i do is pic, TV NTSC, the format defaults to 640X480 which i am fine with.



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Hello. What is the input and output format are you trying to convert ? Prism allows to resize(change the resolution) for the entire video. Please, go to File Settings(button on the main window) -> Video Output Options -> Resize Video Checkbox -> type the output resultion. Also it's possible to constrain aspect ratio of the video. As for the kbps.  You can type any kbps value you like in the encoding settings for some formats like MP4 or MPG. Also, if the "default" quality preset is used the kbps value is hardcoded inside the application. It's possible the VideoPad's hardcoded value and Prism's hardcoded value are different. But it's really weird why do you get 480x480 output video. Please, share the encoding settings you try to apply to the input file.

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