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I found this "Photostage" slideshow program about a week ago and immediately  started to use it, creating a pleasing looking slideshow using about 75 reduced sized slides (145KB each), applying comments to each slide, adding my own choice of background music..... so I purchased the program.

Then used "Export" to save the finished show, choosing one of many file formats, but could not achieved a small enough file size to be able to send (e-mail) my finished efforts to anyone with a decent size computer. (Laptop) … It was as if the finished saved slideshow included all of the items I used in the original production of the Project. eg: original copies of each slide I used?

Hopefully I missed a step prior to using the "Export" portion of the final saving operation.

Also my Export options list did not include an "upload"  option...… I do have my own website, which I planned to add this slideshow. 


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