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Debut Free not recording

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My problem maybe similar to TexasOutlaw's post on Dec 5.

I installed Debut free a couple of weeks back, and made a couple of recordings, mostly unsuccessful as I had settings wrong.  But now it won't record.  On some attempts I see a message that the feature is part of the paid version.

When I start Debut it asks if I am using it for home, and I click that option.  I am attempting to record videos sourced from the internet, run with Firefox on Windows 10 v1903.  I have tried to record as .mp4 and .avi.  I choose entire virtual desktop as the recording window, and the norebook's speakers to record audio.

I see advice debut free can be used for non-commercial use, which is what I am doing, but I cannot get it to record.

Can someone please assist me?

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I uninstalled the version that refused to record, installed the FREE version and it still refused to record. I did not make any selection of features so I don't know which feature it is complaining about. It worked fine for three years until this problem came up a few weeks ago. I reinstalled it then and it worked from then until now. Using Win 7.

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