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Debut Free not recording

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My problem maybe similar to TexasOutlaw's post on Dec 5.

I installed Debut free a couple of weeks back, and made a couple of recordings, mostly unsuccessful as I had settings wrong.  But now it won't record.  On some attempts I see a message that the feature is part of the paid version.

When I start Debut it asks if I am using it for home, and I click that option.  I am attempting to record videos sourced from the internet, run with Firefox on Windows 10 v1903.  I have tried to record as .mp4 and .avi.  I choose entire virtual desktop as the recording window, and the norebook's speakers to record audio.

I see advice debut free can be used for non-commercial use, which is what I am doing, but I cannot get it to record.

Can someone please assist me?

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I uninstalled the version that refused to record, installed the FREE version and it still refused to record. I did not make any selection of features so I don't know which feature it is complaining about. It worked fine for three years until this problem came up a few weeks ago. I reinstalled it then and it worked from then until now. Using Win 7.

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So far as I can tell, one of the features not included is recording. As that's the main purpose of the programme I'm struggling to see any point in the Free version. If it's actually just a time-limited trial version that should be made clearer!

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