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Looping / Update history?

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Hi, can someone link me Video Pad version feature update history?  I'm currently on 7.00, and considering an update.  Are there new features?  Is the program still 32bit at V8.0?  Inquiring minds want to know. 

I've had a look around trying to find relevant data with no luck. 



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Thanks, I went ahead and bought 8.00, but I have to say I'm disappointed.  I had to go back to 7.00, I can't get a clean preview play out of my project.  It stutters, and loops, and seems cripplingly slow.  What happened to the new version?  I had my project set to do 320p preview, but it seems like 8.0 doesn't allow you change the preview size.  The source video is 1080p, which I expect is causing the trouble.


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