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OK. So I have been recording episodes of various TV progs to a USB stick.

I usually do two at a time and then transfer them to PC to trim them if need be and chop the file into separate episodes.

All seems quite straightforward and it is. 😊

But I notice an odd thing...... I load the file, find the split point and delete the second episode. Then export.

This exports as a 9.87 Gb for approx 90 mins of HD.

The I delete the episode from the timeline and drag the whole file in again. Find the split and delete the first ep.

Funny thing is, when I export this section it ends up as 2.87 Gb. The picture quality appears identical. 

I use exactly the same settings for both. It's all .Mp4

Anybody any insight on this strange phenomenon?  


** I have a little piece of software that converts .Mp4 to other formats and vice-versa. If I load the big file into it and convert

it to .Mp4 (that's Mp4 to Mp4) the generated file is near to the size of the second segment exported from VideoPad.








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It was actually two episodes of "Sherlock" which I took off my Sky box with a little recording gizmo that

writes the output to a USB stick. So essentially it was one contiguous file which I merely divided in two.

I sometimes record a few hours of video and edit it on the PC to trim ad breaks etc and I get extreme

 file size differences with this procedure, even if the programmes are the same length.

Not a big prob. Just thought it was a bit weird...... 🙄




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