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Marking Invoice PAID at Time of Creation

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Late last year I upgraded my EI from a roughly five year old version to the most recent.  I was immediately blown away with how much has changed.  A few annoyances (changes) I have found a way around or changed the way I do certain things.  One thing I cannot figure out is marking invoices as PAID when I create them.  In 99% of my sales, an order comes in online, I create an invoice reflecting the order, shipping, even the shipping method.  In the old days, I could go to the drop-down in the top right and change it from Pay in 30 Days to PAID.  Print, pack and ship.  Now, I don't have the option to mark PAID.  I have to leave it as Pay in 30 Days and I have resorted to added a note at the bottom "PAID IN FULL".  Just so my customers don't think they still owe payment.

I guess this software assumes that most businesses and rendering services and then invoicing for payment afterwards.  For most businesses like mine, we're creating the invoice on the spot to pack in the box with the products.  It looks like I can create an invoice and then convert to a sales order and then mark paid?  Seems like a bunch of extra steps when I used to be able to do it all at the same time.  Why did this change?  What are my options?


Jason - RPC Electronics, LLC

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