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IVM outbound calls not calling second number when no answer on first call.


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Good day,

We have used IVR v3.07 and Procomm communications software together for years as a safety dialer when a person is working alone after hours.  Our Hard drive died and the configuration backup was not up to date.  We have reinstalled on a new PC and tried to get the IVR working.  When we try a test dialing string from IVR the first number gets dialed successfully but we are trying to get the second number to be dialed automatically when there is no answer from the first number nothing happens.  Here is the string:


The log is simple and shows:

11:48:34 Making outbound call to 4170
11:48:37 Outbound call [4170&ogm=OGM_Tech_Acknowledge\1993&ogm=OGM_No_Answer] dialing complete
11:48:56 Outbound call 4170&ogm=OGM_Tech_Acknowledge\1993&ogm=OGM_No_Answer not answered
11:48:57 Call disconnected


4170 is the first extension dialed and that works.  We want IVR to dial extension 1993 if there is no answer from 4170 and play the OGM_No_Answer.  The second call never happens.  Is the string formatted incorrectly?  We are not familiar with this product and the person who set it up some 15 years ago or more has long since retired.


many thanks for any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.


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