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Transitions not appearing in preview...


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Hi all,

I've just started a new project and have added a few transitions between video tracks one and two.  The transitions are not appearing in the preview.  As a test, I exported the project to the video file format I'll be using, which shows the transitions as expected, but I'd like to be able fine tune them in the project before exporting.  I know it usually takes a moment to generate the transition preview, but I can't see that anything else is waiting to 'render,' and the rest of the preview is displaying correctly.

Could I have changed a setting somewhere that is preventing the transitions from appearing in my sequence preview?

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Although transitions are intended to be used between contiguous clips on the same track, certain ones can be used at the end of a clip on any track. However, whatever you do with the tracks the transitions  should still be visible when the timeline is played in the Sequence Preview screen as this duplicates the result seen in the export. It would be useful to know what transitions you are using,  where and on which track so if its not a long project  or you can set up short example that displays this behavior  then share it by saving it as a PORTABLE PROJECT as explained here   and someone will take a look.




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