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Can anyone tell me how to crop a video and then stretch it to the 16:9 aspect ratio?  As you can see from the picture I've already attempted to crop it with the crop tool, but it leaves black bars at the side and top, I then took a look with the motion tool but it's to complex for me and I can't find a guide on how to use it, so can anyone tell me how to cut away what I've already cropped and then change the picture aspect ratio to what it was ie stretching the video??  


Thank you in advance!!  😊

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Crop is OK is some situations but the resulting area has to then be enlarged using Scale if a full frame is required.

Instead of Crop use Zoom....

  1. Click the FX on the clip in question and select Zoom
  2. Set the Restraint to 16:9
  3. Set the red Clip preview cursor to the start of the clip (Left)
  4. In the Clip preview screen drag in the corners of the zoom rectangle to outline the area required. The outline will remain 16:9 and can be dragged to the required position

The clip will now play with a full screen zoom of the area outlined. This is the same result obtained with Crop + Scale.


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