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New (4.01) Version Moneyline


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I paid for the new version (4.01) which I run on OS 10.14

When I used to enter Payee the Category and Sub Category were as per the last entry and all I had to do was enter date and amount

Now with every Payee you have to re-enter the Category and Sub Category each time, this is a backward step since you generally enter same data for each Payee

When you Edit a transaction you have to re-enter the Category and Sub-C again, this is a complete waste of time and shows little knowledge of users needs

Finally when I had entered the payment value I just pressed Return on the computer to enter the transaction, now I have to move cursor and press OK, why this backward step?

Finally, I find it unstable, it has crashed once and hung up twice since I paid for the 'update', a poorly thought out upgrade purely to make revenue and not improvements

If this is not corrected then I will not renew MoneyLine again and look for a better programme when my year end arrives

Does anyone else feel this way?


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hello, I just tested it (version 4.01) Mac OS Catalina but I was unable to reproduce the issues you are reporting. Category and Sub Category change based on payee and last entry for that payee. When recording a transaction, I just hit Return key and it was recorded, I did not need to click OK to save the changes. I would recommend you to reinstall the program or install a the previous version of the program and confirm if the issue persists. Version 4.00: http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/moneyline-4-00-2019-10-30(intel).zip

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