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Further to this topic..You can export 3d anaglyphs (Red/Cyan) and left/right and right/left or over and under 3d videos.....

HOWEVER.....Although these worked in earlier versions of VP..(Like VP 6.00) it seems that in the latest reincarnation (VP 7.53 (or 8.00) 3d export does not seem to work although the options are there.

Part of an Red/Cyan  Anaglyph from VP 6.00...


Same clip exported from 7.53 (8.00)...It's still a 2d image although it's marked as 3d in VP.


Bit of a pity really as, with a bit of additional programming 3d export of 2d clips could be quite effective. (e.g. a user setting to make the Red/cyan separation bigger or smaller which enhances the 3d........(although NOT in true depth..just position relative to the image frame.(behind or in front of the screen.) But there are also some algorithms which will produce pretty good 3d even with 2d images. These use spacial distortion for the generated Red/Cyan images to make it appear as though  each image is viewed from a different direction by each eye.

If you have red/cyan specs try this one.......It IS a 2d image! (Red lens to the left eye)


So where has it gone?



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