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recording stops between songs at a pause in recording

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The program stops recording when the music pauses to move to another song/recording. How can one keep recording a playlist, without attending the console to restart after each song?
Unless it can be made to continuously record until instructed on the control panel only one song can be recorded and the software loses its appeal.

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Unfortunately, SoundTap is a audio stream recorder, if the stream of audio stops at any point  SoundTap will also stop. There is no way to change this as this is how it works, if the stream of audio is constant then the program should not stop recording.

Good luck!

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I bought an update for my SoundTap software today and am very disappointed. My old version (3.04) was better because when I recorded several songs in a row the software would stop at the end of the song and restart a new file automatically at the beginning of the next song but with my new version (6.15) the software stops at the end of the song but does not start again at the beginning of the next song ..... ..by paying for the update I thought I would improve the product but it's the opposite, I regressed and I feel like I lost my money in this update.

I use SoundTap mainly to record mp3 files from my vinyl records. Is there a way to configure my new version of SoundTap to make new files for each new song like it did in my old version?........Fortunately, I made a backup of my old version.

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