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Hello Harri,

I'm not sure what you mean since the program does not offer an option to select a file path for your photos.  Are you having issues when you try to open a project, are you getting an error saying resolve missing files. If so, you may would need to manually resolve each slideshow that is giving you the error as there is no way to resolve them all at once.

When the files show as missing it means that the files you are trying to use on the slideshow were moved from the original location you used to load them on the program the first time. If you save a project, the program will remember the files location on your computer and make a cache file of it, but it does not save the image itself. 

if you wish to save a project including the images, audio, text and everything you include on the slideshow project, you will need to use the option to save portable project. this will create a folder with all the files you are using on the slideshow so you can open that project on your computer or any other computer using PhotoStage.

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