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Losing Audio Track on Import

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Hello everyone,

I haven't used VP in a while, so I just recently reinstalled it to my new PC.

Now I am facing the following Problem: Whenever I import a video (I've tried different samples of personal recordings and online sample videos), the audio track shows completely empty, and the audio does not play when the video is played.

How can I fix this?

Thank you very much in advance :)


Edit: Adding Google Drive Link to the project, a screenshot and a the sample video I used.

Project, Test Video File and screenshot:


I am using VP 7.52

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Your test video downloaded correctly and loaded to VP 7.51 with no problems here. The audio track displayed normally ........


It seems that the problem may lie with your setup.

First  thing to try is to navigate to  User/AppData/Roaming/NCH Software and delete the Components folder.  Re-run VP. The folder will regenerate and may sort the problem

You could also try a reinstall. Assuming you still have the vpsetup.exe file and your initializing code uninstall VP and then reinstall again from square one.


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