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Categories Wrong in Mac Version 4.01


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Since installing the paid (again) version of MoneyLine Plus on my Mac and opening my existing account file, everything that I enter has incorrect categories and they will not change. For instance, a dinner bill is entered using the category of "Dining" and when you hit the "OK" button, it shows the category as "Dental". I've tried re-opening the entries and re-selecting the proper category, but once you hit the "OK" button, it stays the same as before. This behavior is new and the old version worked fine.

UPDATE: As I was typing this, I tried a few more troubleshooting steps. I found that if I change old entries to "Not Categorized" then save them, I can then change them to what they should be. Also, if you simply double-click an existing entry and then hit the "OK" button, the category will increment to the next one down in the list/ Not good, but easily corrected in the code. Please fix this bug and update this version ASAP!


Thank you.

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