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SoundTap 6.08 kills the audio for recording

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I have a MacBook Air with 10.14.6 and download newer version 6.06 last week. Now when I start a stream and then start SoundTap 

it kills the audio from the stream, even though I have the Playthrough set to Output device. If I have SoundTap running and try to start 

an audio stream to record it start the website I want to stream to buffer for an undetermined time. After seeing a previous forum post I

upgraded to version 6.08 but have the same problem. Also I un installed and reinstalled - still bad. What else can I do to fix this ? ...

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Hello Daltronix, depending on the stream you are trying to record, if it has any digital rights management (DRM) security, your macOS will automatically turn the audio capture option off on your computer. Sadly, SoundTap cannot override the DRM protection or any other copyright.

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Having the same problem with 6.08 on Mac Catalina. If I start recording after starting a track [YouTube in this case] it will sometimes start recording but several seconds after pressing record. If I press record first the Youtube video plays but without sound and I get a silent recoding. It was working fine with 6.06 but the app frequently crashed on opening and had to be force quit so I updated.  Are others having this problem

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