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Would pay to have 7.05 back


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I do a lot of stencil type horizontal centering to parts of a video to align them better inside the smaller framework, so in this case 850x1080 involves randomly aligning it to flow better inside those new dimensions and then exporting it in the new 850x1080. 

This video example works in editing because the 850x1080 is proportionate to the original 1920x1080 I think because all the others make the 850x1080 stencil the ''new'' dimensions and turns the original 1920x1080 into a thumbnail size black box inside it. I love videopad and will always continue to use it but these kind of changes feel more like contradictions to previous versions than new features. Please if there is any way to get a stagnate copy of 7.05 let me know... I'd be glad to try newer updates in the future and then later buy them if they check all the boxes but for the immediate future this is something I need back.

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