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VP looking for a file I deleted/removed


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I have about 20 files (short mp4 clips) in a folder. One was inverted because the smart phone camera did that as I held camera in a horizontal plane to get the shot of a paper laying on a desk. I took that one into VP and fixed it and saved it as a project file. Now when I try to move/load all the 20 files including the one I fixed, VP is giving error message that this original file (now renamed) cannot be found. I don't want it found as I fixed and replaced it. This is a "new project" so how is VP even getting that file name? Confusing that it's a new project looking for a file that is deleted & not needed. Help? How do I tell VP to forget about this file? Thanks.

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When VP cannot locate a file, because it has been renamed or moved, it prompts to resolve it.  Click the prompt, find the revised file and double-click it.  Then re-save the project.

It's possible that you were trying to load an earlier save of your work, before you renamed the file??

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Thanks, but this was a NEW project. When I call for a new project how can VP even have any "memory" of a "missing" file? Logically I cannot understand why the software would do that? I was starting a new project and copying in files fresh. Yes, they were the same files as in a previous project, but I told VP NEW.



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I think you may be confused regarding Clips; project files. Project files are not clips..... It seems that you loaded an incorrectly taken  clip into VP and corrected it. You then saved it as a project. If you wanted a corrected clip  you should have exported (or stabilized it)

Normally you open VP and  (if you haven't stopped it appearing) a screen asking what you want to do appears. ......


RECENT PROJECTS are listed on the left and are generally projects that have been saved to the default folder set up under options. These are vpj files. (see below) Clicking one of the vpj files  listed (e,g, zzz.vpj in this example) will simply open the project as it was when it was saved.

If you select a NEW PROJECT  VP will simply revert to the empty GUI. You can now add clips/images in the normal way prior to editing. As you are loading the clips/images there will be no messages re. missing files..

If you select OPEN PROJECT then VP will allow you to navigate to a folder where you have saved your previous projects. .......


As stated, these projects are vpj files and contain details (names/locations etc) of the clips that make up those projects. Essentially  vpj files are text files.

Whenever you save your work (your project) a vpj file is created. They do not contain any clips or images etc,  just the data required to enable VP to re-create your work. 

If you select one of these vpj files,  VP will read the data and attempt to find the clip files/images etc. that were used to create the project in question. If any of these files have been deleted or had their names changed or have been moved to another folder VP will post a message indicating that the clip/image could not be located in the expected folder and will then ask the user to manually locate it on the PC and load it. i.e. the user will be asked to resolve the problem.  If the clip/image has been deleted from the PC the user will not, obviously find it either. In this case VP will load what it can find if asked to.

If you deleted your faulty clip and it was a part of your project VP will post the message. As you seemed to have saved the corrected clip as a project, VP will obviously not find it as it is no longer an image. A record of its presence will nevertheless still be present in the vpj file.

If you don't actually want it, then ignore the resolve message  so VP can load everything else and then Save the project again with a different name and delete the original.



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