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Free version won't capture screen??? LOL I got 1 use!

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I downloaded it and used it 1 time. Next time I opened it the trial was expired and it would not work, so I went to uninstall it. It gives you the option of (KEEP Debut free version) so I chose that and didn't uninstall it.................. Well the free version does NOT capture the screen! 

Or at least it would not capture the part I wanted to, WHAT'S THE POINT of keeping the "Free Version if it don't work???

Like I said I used it once, of course some time had lapsed, but still.

Seriously though, why keep it if it won't work on the free version????

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I tried to use it, but got only the first 0.8 seconds of each of the videos.  I followed the training video as precisely as I could (the training video uses a different version than the one I have).

So I too am disappointed.  I would have no hesitation paying for a working program, but if the trial version doesn't work, I can't trust that the paid version will.

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