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loops or edit pieces cut off after saving then reopening

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Wavepad v 5.48: the loops or edit pieces are cut off after saving then reopening  -example:  i select 2 bars of a song so it loops perfectly - then use the copy to new option - then i save the file as a new piece to be looped later into 16 bars or whatever..- when i close the new piece and reopen it  the front of the audio is cut off by lets say .060 seconds and there is an equal amount of silence at the end of the file - this makes the loops unusable because the 1 (the Downbeat is cut off)  and the is a short bit of silence at then end. making the perfect loop now unusable-  thank you for taking time to answer. 

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Does it occur with all the files or just some of them? What is the format of those files? Have you tested it with other formats to see if you get the same problem? You may try to reinstall the program using this link: http://www.oldversiondownload.com/oldversions/wavepad-5-48-2013-06-01.exe

Keep in mind that you are using an old version of the program and it may not work properly on newer OS, so I would recommend you to upgrade.

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