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How to make my PC fan less noisy?


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Hey, so i have a 3 year old PC that makes a lot of noise via the fan whenever I am using Videopad video editor. I'm hoping someone can help me reduce the humming and exertion going on while I'm editing.

I don't mind editing at a lower frame rate, though I'd prefer to keep at least a 720 resolution (which is the quality of all my clips). 

Any help would be useful. Currently editing with 6.24 version, after not having much success with the newer editions.

Thank you!

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Video editing is resource intensive, so the fan ramps up to cool the PC when it's under a heavy load.

A quieter fan or higher-end PC might be the fix, though that's likely not what you want to hear.

Takes a bit of prep, but you might try Proxy Editing, which uses small clips while editing, to lessen Videopad's workload.

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Have you thought about opening up the case and dusting the fans and the CPU?  Check the CPU temperature. You could use a program like Piriform SPECCY.  Typical results for my old Vista machine....


What % is the processor usage running at when you are editing....100%?   My old PC runs around 85% % when loading and caching files with VP7.5 Beta but its not particularly noisy



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