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text edit adjustments for all text slides

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I added numerous text slides with the same font and colour, etc. but have decided I would like to change the size of the text and font for all my text slides. 

How can I apply all the adjustments to all of the text slides at once, so I don't have to change them individually?

Any input is welcome!!


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I am afraid that is not possible. Each of the texts will have to be changed individually. The properties are associated with each text. You can change effects for a series of text clips but not the text properties.

Subtitles properties however,  can be altered en masse by highlighting them all in the subtitle list and then clicking the Format box.



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Nat is correct.  But, to a limited extent, text font size and positioning (not the font itself), can be adjusted.  Worth a test.

Select (highlight) all text clips, then click the fx button on any one of them to open the effects window.

Click the green + at the top-left of the toolbar and choose the SCALE effect, as an example.

Scale and position the text to taste.

Then click the 6th button from the left on the toolbar ("replace effect  chain").  The changes will be applied to all selected clips.

If the result doesn't please, simply click the X for the effect, to delete it.

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