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Difficulty recording audio

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Please, I have installed WavePad Sound Editor and would like to know if there is the possibility of making an audio recording by typing the URL, such as Youtube and avoids getting noise from the environment. This question is due to the difficulty I have in recording audio through WavePad Sound Editor. I confess that I have a lot of difficulty with English and then everything is more difficult.
For example, if I am going to record audio through WavePad Sound Editor, I do this:
a) keep the headset plugged in with the microphone;
b) Your removing the microphone does not record the audio I am recording from the computer;
c) With this, the audio picks up the ambient sound, making recording difficult. Am I wrong in configuring WavePad Sound Editor to record audio ?;
d) If you were able to record by typing in the URL this interference would not occur.
Thanks to all of you who can help me.
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