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Fade music during narration

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Play the sequence.  Each time narration begins and ends split only the track containing music by clicking the chevron to the right of the SPLIT button that's under the preview window.  Or, with the music track selected, press <shift-L> to split that track at the scrubber (red line) position. This creates individual audio clips for each narration segment where music volume will be dipped.

Then hold down <ctrl> and click on each of those new music clips, to select (highlight) them all.

Now click the fx button on one of the audio clips, click the green + at the left of the toolbar and choose the AMPLIFY effect.

Create a graph with audio lowered to about 75%.  Each time you drag the line of the graph a keyframe (dot) is set.  If the dot doesn't set itself, click the small green +.  Dots can be dragged. To remove one or all, right-click on it.  The greater the space between dots plotted at different audio levels, the slower will be the transition between them.  For example, if the space between dots one and two below is increased, the fade would be longer.

The graph should resemble this.  Audio starts at 100% and smoothly fades to 75%.  Then it ramps back up to 100% at the end of narration.


Now click the fourth button from the left on the toolbar to Replace Effect Chain.  This will apply the audio dip to all selected clips.

Check out this thread.  This is a feature that's in the VP pipeline.


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